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Congratulations on the birth, or expected birth, of your baby!  Because your child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, you may feel that you have entered into a whole new world – one that can be confusing and filled with deep, and perhaps conflicting, feelings at first. You probably have lots of questions, concerns and fears right now.  It is our hope that through information and support, you will gain answers to your questions, empathy for your feelings, and an understanding of your baby’s special needs.  We feel strongly that the opportunity to talk to other parents of children with Down syndrome can be invaluable.

How we can help you...

Our First Call program is a  volunteer group of experienced parents who make themselves available to parents of children newly diagnosed with Down syndrome.  Whether you have received a diagnosis prenatally or after the birth of your child, we are here to help.  We will answer your questions honestly and do our best to describe the joys and challenges we have experienced in our own personal journeys.

 We are available to come visit you in the hospital or at home, and are also available by phone or e-mail anytime.  We are here as a shoulder to lean on, a voice of experience, and a source of current information.  We are here to answer your questions.  We can provide a packet of up-to-date information about Down syndrome and resources available to you and your child.  And if we don’t have the answers to your questions, we’ll direct you to someone who may.  We’re also here to listen with compassion, never judgment.  Not every parent in First Call has the same story or has found the same solution, but we have all had the same concerns at one time or another.

What we can share with you...

All of us in First Call agree that whatever our first reaction to the words “Down syndrome,” time has taught us that our children bring boundless love, humanity and inspiration to our lives. No family should feel alone.  Our services are free and confidential. 

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New Parent Fax Form (for hospitals, but parents may use as well)

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond

P.O. Box 70789

Richmond, Virginia 23255

Many thanks to the Network of Enterprising Women for their generous support in 2015



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